Linux For The Rest Of Us #112 - Steam For Linux

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A Linux podcast for anyone even remotely interested in Linux!

With Steve McLaughlin, the Door to Door Geek and Cody Cooper


And special guest Eric Salce

Running time: 1:29:23
Added: 20 Nov 2012

Episode 112 Show Notes


Basic Basic

Steam for Linux, was built for Ubuntu, but in Unity is slower than other desktop.

Time to use freedom.



Podnutz - A New Era and A New Career - A project launching Steve Cherubino's new career as a musician and the new dawn of the Podnutz Network.



OLF Volunteer Coordinator details


Episode 1116 - Interview with Richard Stallman | 2012-11-12 - (


How To Use Steam For Linux Right Now, Without A Beta Account - Steam for Linux beta has been released today and for now is only available to 1000 lucky users who have applied using the Steam beta survey. But there's a way to run Steam for Linux even if you didn't receive an invitation.



Eric Salce



Valve's Newell: Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace Linux - Valve head—and one-time Microsoft employee—Gabe Newell has branded Windows 8 "a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space" at videogame conference Casual Connect in Seattle.



Steam Games Listing.




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