Nutz At Night #76 - Running The Gauntlet

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The tech-centric show about nothing, yet something!

Running time: 1:16:39
Added: 12 Jan 2011

SD begins the show with a discussion of a free app that does a great job of OCR scanning.
FreeOCR is an slim, efficient app that has just four main buttons, and performs well at converting scanned images and PDFs into edit-ready text.

Homeless Guy with Great Voice
SC shows a video of a homeless guy that has a great voice for radio.
SD continues the discussion with a video of homeless people that were given money to shop at a expensive mall. Here is one example.

Beer Cannon
SC show a video of a beer cannon controlled by an iPhone.

Bill Shrink
SD reveals a website that helps you shrink your bills.

SC updates his Java app and realizes it wants to install Yahoo Toolbar which really upsets him.  SD expands the discussion to add his flustration with GoDaddy.

Fitness Shoes Scam
SD goes on about fitness shoes that are really a scam.

MacBook Case
SC talks about his new case for his MacBook Pro.

Ikea Hacker
SD shows a website that shows you how to hack Ikea furniture.

Look Who's in Jail
SC found a newspaper called Look Who's in JAIL.

America's Most Wanted
SD talks about a friend of his that was on America's Most Wanted as a wanted person!

SC goes over emails.

What do you Like (Hate)?
SD likes GotCha newspaper.
SC likes good coffee.
SC likes Airport Express for Mac or PC.
SD does not like Andrew Wakefield.
SC does not like the words yummy and nibble.
SC does not like captions on cat pictures.
SC does not like Corcs shoes.
SC does not like waiters who forget to bring you your water.

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