Nutz At Night #85 - Greatest Entrance Ever

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Running time: 1:02:36
Added: 29 Mar 2011

Spring Cleaning
SD begins the show talking about spring cleaning his shop.  Why is he spring cleaning?  Listen to the show to find out.

Pole Position on Atari 5500
SC shows a video of the old game Pole Position. (sorry no video on Justin).

Sony Ericsson Xperia CPhone
SD display a video of the new Sony smartphone.  (sorry no video on Justin)

ACER AZ-3100
SC introduces a new computer from ACER, the AZ-3100.

Penguins on a Plane
SD shows a video about Penguins on a plane.

SC loves the website (not .com). Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

Sexy Sax Man
SC shows a video of a sax player.

Another Video (sorry no video on Justin)

SD attempts to show a video but it has been removed from YouTube.  SC finds video  (no link).

The Fighter

SC reviews the movie, The Fighter.  SC loved the movie.

SD provides the phone number.  Try it if you dare.  Listen to the show if you are afraid to dial.

What do you Like (Hate)?
SC likes Sonny's Restaurant.
SD likes the movie Master and Commander: The of the Far Side of the World.
SC hates the band Weezer except for their Blue Album.
SD hates the movie, In the Bedroom.

SC listens to voicemail.   Jeff provides a link that shows the old Lifehacker webpage format.

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