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Podnutz - The Computer Repair Podcast #129 – How to Get Your First Business Customer

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Hosted by:

-Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com

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-Marvin Bee from MBSystems.net

-Ian Alexander from REPAIRTECH

-Charlie Hoover from BostonTechcollective.com

Podnutz-The Computer Repair Podcast #129 Video

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Running time: 1:42:46
Added: 21 May 2015


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How to Backup Operating Systems

The Process for Windows Activation via Smartphone: 

1) Call the Activation Number given in the Activation Screen (1-888-725-1047)

2) On that call it will ask if you have a smartphone. If so they state to press 1 and they will send a text with the URL. The URL I got was http://bit.ly/1zxZU7N which still looks to be valid.

3) From there I simply added the numbers on the screen as you would via the phone system and retrieve the other set of numbers for activation.

Paco Lebron


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