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Podnutz Episode #83 - Daniel Connolly From TechGuy.ie and TechAppCreator.com

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Jeff Halash from TechnutPC.com Talks To Computer Technician Servcies.

Running time: 32:20
Added: 11 Apr 2014

Podnutz Episode #83 Daniel Connolly From TechGuy.ie and TechAppCreator.com
1. What are the features and benefits of having an app
- Push notifications like a powerful mailing list
- Geo fencing for location based messages
- Client engagement repair tracker, news feed
- Convenience gps turn by turn direction, click to call, click to email
2. What is the podnuts offer?
- For the first 50 people I will provide the first 12 month free of charge
- $597 design fee for Design, develop, publish, maintain
- 30 day MBG to test out your prototype app
- Prototype live android app will be provide for testing the app
For the customer the only extra charge on this service is developer accounts which they
would need to purchase:
Google play: $25 for life
Apple : $99 per year
Link to US new direct market laws:(important to link to this I refereed to it)
Use Push Notifications from the App for Updates. Push notification  would be the alternative to text alerts.
However, attendees can choose whether to receive notifications from the app, putting them in control of configuring what messages they receive and how they receive them.
Do not confuse this with text messaging! These are not standard SMS text messages. The push notifications you send will come from the  app—not through telecommunications channels.
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