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Podnutz Daily #372 Daniel Connolly From TechGuy.ie and TechAppCreator.com

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Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com Talks To Computer Technicians

Running time: 57:58
Added: 22 Apr 2014

Podnutz Daily #372 Daniel Connolly From TechGuy.ie and TechAppCreator.com



1. What Computer jobs have you been working on?

- Laptop jack repairs

- Migrating windows xp onto newer hardware

- Laptop cooling system cleaning


2. What are some of your favorite tools? Software or Hardware.

- Acronis Universal Restore technology, Acronis Backup

- konboot

-fab auto backup


3. What are some of your business tips that work for you?

- Always go out of your way to provide the best service in town

- when buying office 2010 keys validate them on office.com

- Have a good smart phone to help manger your business

- podnutz laptop repair video




This is what I use its cheap has good condtivity and it comes in different thicknesses, I keep a selection of different thicknesses so match it up correctly







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